19 thoughts on “Manmade

  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead

    Both are very interesting images. I love how I am disoriented by the top photograph. Wonderful tones in that photograph, as well. It’s very captivating.

    1. tms Post author

      The “like” button fell victim to a neat layout. I very much appreciate your visit and comment though. Thanks!

  2. suitablefish

    the first photo is almost dizzying, wonderful amazing. the second, the shadow could be anything, even a shoe. brilliant.

  3. David Warren

    Intriguing pieces – both. They both depict human touch using light, the shadow on the bottom of the bottle and the city reflecting in the calm waters. Nice work and aptly titled!

  4. Tobias Post author

    Thank you Jo, Amar, and David! All comments are most welcome since some visitors seem to be biased towerds either one or the other of these two pictures while others are not.

    These two seem to be quite different indeed. I expected the second one to be more ‘difficult’. I think it is more staisfying on an abstract level – or as a composition – yet a bit repulsive because it so obviously shows garbage.

    Whatever. It is very interesting to see what you make of these two. Thanks again!

  5. xties

    Your uniquely-tuned eye affords a start-point that guarantees original results even when you’re looking at subjects popular with photographers. Thanks again, Tobias.

    1. Tobias Post author

      Thank you! I photograph what arrests my eye .. Whatever happens when I photograph seems to be similar to the the experience we know from art exhibitions (judging from what was discussed under the last post).

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