15 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

  1. BobR

    I like the second one better. The way the dark crack makes its presence known. Nice composition.

    1. tms Post author

      These leaves were on a very low wall – and they fortunately do not get swept. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Touch2Touch

    Did you take them as a pair, or did you arrange them that way in posting?
    Wonderful effect, not to mention the lovely autumnal colors.

    1. tms Post author

      When I like a subject, I try to get different angles, different compositions (“if something is worth being photographed, it is worth a couple of photos”). I even do that when I use film. Then I usually have five or six pictures to choose from … and if I like more than one of those I often feel tempted to combine them. Thanks for stopping by, Judith!

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