Take Five

282-36279-12286-20 269-22 275-07 288-06… get six! Picking my favourite pictures made in 2012 was not easy to begin with. After I had finally narrowed the choice down, I realized I love thinking in pairs: Are there combinations that work better than others, juxtapositions I would check out were I to put together an exhibition? I think there are … and then Number 5 begged to be paired with an additional picture – hence the extra.

Why this choice? What do I like about these pictures? Scrolling through them there is one thing I realize to my own surprise: Though I see something abstract in all of them, they all seem to contain stories (which I leave for you to figure out).

The pictures were taken travelling England, Germany, and the Netherlands. Top to bottom: Kranzplatz Playground, Wiesbaden, Germany; Alfriston Clergy House, England; Port of Hamburg, Germany; beach near Westkapelle on Walcheren, Netherlands; Charmouth, England; and just up the street from our place in Wiesbaden. They are my entry for this week’s photo challenge.

12 thoughts on “Take Five

    1. nuvofelt

      Loved it. It’s in such a beautiful part. Spent many happy hours there with friends, they have now moved to Austrian border.

  1. ninano

    Beautifully put together and explained. They all go well together. Number two and three create an interesting unit.

  2. 3rdCultureChildren

    Black and White photos are everyone’s favorite [at least, they’re mine!] Congratulations on the beautiful and sweet shots! Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia.

    1. tms Post author

      They are my favourites too, even though I veer into the realms of colour photography now and then. Thank you for visiting and commenting!

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