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Plato’s Cave Revisited. (Ironworks.)


“I look and sometimes I see,” writes Siri Hustvedt. That could be a good start for a photographic process. When and if I see, I sometimes use my camera to report it. Occasionally the resulting photograph resembles what I saw (it is then a good photo in my eyes). And sometimes it succeeds in making those who look at it see something too: What do you see? I wonder.

Back on the Blog

Construction 2013-07Conversation instead of presentation: A couple of moths ago I thought I needed a home page. But I did not do much with it, and it did not do much for me – other than that the blog almost vanished in the background and I could not show more than one picture per post on the blog’s first page. All looked good to me, but as I realized I love the experiment, the dynamics and the exchange of opinions more than just presenting, I grew more and more dissatisfied. So: Dear readers, here is a new layout I hope you’ll enjoy.