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A Short Walk in Saint-Saturnin-de-Lucian




These pictures were taken casually strolling around the village of Saint-Saturnin-de-Lucian where we stayed in a wonderful old house for three weeks. Saint-Saturnin has about 300 inhabitants. It is situated approximately 50 km to the North-West of Montpellier (France), snuggling against the foot of the Cévennes mountains. | This post contributes to Jo’s Monday Walks: Check out the other walkers’ photography and the other photographers’ walks!




The Changing Seasons: May





DSC01649-kAnother month has passed since the last post for this challenge. I thought it was time for a change in perspective. I added the third picture to prove we are still in the same place: On my way to work, behind the parliament of the federal state.

2/3. Faces of Hamburg





Though these pictures were made in the course of two different walks, I saved them for Jo’s Monday Walk – they just seem adequate because they were literally made en passant. And they show different faces of the same city: nostalgic, rough, sumptuous, utilitarian. The latter two are less than 200 meters apart, by the way, while the first two are not far from the Elbe river.

A Walk in the Forest


holz-04While I’d had in mind to post these pictures in my own ‘elements‘ gallery – demonstrating that I am more at home with wood than with glass – I realized that today’s pictures also show what we saw on our walk in the nearby Stadtwald (“city forest”). So I decided to share these in the context of Jo’s Monday Walks. And so everybody can see where we were, I included the bottom picture.

[Although I am not into tech talk, I would have been grateful for this kind of information when I was trying to make up my mind about using Sony’s Alpha 6000 camera with Nikon AIS lenses – so here we go: The first picture was made with aforementioned camera and a Nikkor 85/2 AIS, the rest of them with my favourite lens, the Nikkor 28/2.8 AIS. They seem to quite work well with the camera. Though focusing manually can be a hassle  with the small EVF, it is also fun.]