14 thoughts on “Wood, Vertical”

  1. Hi Tobias
    Thanks for the link to your photos. Despite enjoying so many, I especially love this second photo in Woods Vertical. It takes a discerning eye to actually tell where the reflection actually begins and the horizontal sand bars coming from both the left and right delightfully contrast (in both colour and tecture) the vertical tree trunks. Excellent eye!

    1. Hi Gerry, thanks for visiting and taking such a close look. It is good to know why people like this or that picture – if they do. Tobias

  2. Lynn, Martina, Sumedh, xties, thank you all for visiting and apprecitating the pictures. I am very happy about your responses because both the sea shore and our local woods are places (or environments?) I quite like. Picturing them is a great way of responding to these places, I think. Tobias

  3. ‘Foggy Woods’ is indeed beautiful; ‘Buhnen’ deftly and playfully catches something rare. (It is good to catch up with your latest work. Thanks for visiting me.)

  4. wunderschöne aufnahmen. ich bin wirklich sehr beeindruckt und finde, dass du sehr ausgesuchte motive photographierst. sehr ästhetisch und creative Abstraktaufnahmen.
    LG, Martina

  5. The serenity and purity is blatantly obvious in these photos. They depict what is necessary, nothing more, nothing less and that’s enough to start thinking of big things. Excellent work.

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