2 thoughts on “Staring Down at the Sun”

    1. Thank you, Martina. The left picture shows a typical feature of Wiesbaden’s topography: Several valleys lead from the hills towards the city center. In these valleys, we have meadows, and through the meadows, creeks. These little traces of water always attract me, and I wanted to either photograph black creek running through a snowy white winter landscape or vice versa (the way you see it here). Usually the creeks are overgrown by weeds, so I was really happy to find this situation: You may say I have waited for this for quite a while.

      With the second picture, it was quite the contrary: Walking Hamburg harbour after a rain, the puddles between the railway tracks caught my eye, bright and shiny as they were. I was especially fascinated by the straight lines of the machinery and the irregular edges of the puddles … so I tried to get those into a picture.

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