8 thoughts on “Winter Leaves II”

  1. I love the bright green of moss in spring surrounded by decaying leaves and you captured those moments of discovery very well Tobias.

    1. Thank you for the invitation, Cindy – it is an honour! My first, slightly tongue in cheek response was that I am not so versatile as to deserve this award.
      But actually I am faced with the same decision as you were, and as for now, I decided that this blog should mainly be about photography and sharing pictures, and only marginally about me. This is why I’d rather not follow through. I hope that you’ll understand this decision. Thank you so much anyway for considering me and for sharing all those exciting blogs in your post.

      Upon further thought, since it is always a pleasure to follow the links in other blogs, I will work on my Favourites page which is already up and running but naturally under permanent construction. You will also find the Favourites following the direction sign in the lower part of the pictures to the right.


  2. The moss is nourished by previous generations of fallen leaves and enwrapped by last years’. These images have a cosy feel.

    1. Thank you for sharing this interpretation, Cindy. I really like the thought of generations here. I think I felt (rather than thought) something similar when I made these pictures … hence the title.

  3. Otherwise it embeds into some moss. This time it’s the other way around and the moss is embedded in the fall foliage. This makes the subject very interesting. Beautiful macro shots.

    1. An interesting way to see it; an aspect I did not think of. Insights like these are part of why I enjoy sharing pictures. Thank you, Martina. tms

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