6 thoughts on “Leaves Leaving Shadows on Concrete Floor”

    1. “Well seen and captured,” you wrote, and this just reminds me of the making of this picture. We were strolling around Frankfurt harbour, trying to photograph “urban contrasts” (which was supposed to become the title of an exhibition we’d planned but never brought into being). I was especially interested in the contrast between nature and civilization, in the urban habitat of plants.

      I found this shrub at the base of a newly-built loading ramp, then tried out various perspectives I did not actually photograph. In the end I climbed on the ramp and decided to point the camera straight down because I had seen that the shadows were quite beautiful.

      It was a windy day though, and once I had my exposure set, frame aligned and all, the wind cuaght in the branch and swept it out of the frame. I spent what felt like ten minutes pointing my camera at nothing but a slab of concrete (much to the delight of my fellow photographers). Finally, the branch did me the favour of returning to this position.

      I thought I’d just share this little story because so often I feel I should offer more than a “thank you” in response to your comments – and also because Eliza asked about composition and capturing the moment.

  1. What an extraordinary photo! Besides being a most appealing design, it almost seemed impossible to me, until I aligned rounding leaves and shadow points.
    I still keep blinking and shaking my head, though.

    1. This picture never fails to puzzle me … Thank you so much for your comment, Judith!

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