Wind, Sand, Movement

Strolling the beach near Vlissingen (Holland), we found these small bits and pieces, their shadows exaggerated by a low evening sun. Then we realized that there was just enough breeze to drive small sticks over the beach and wave loose twigs and strings. Yet the wind force did not suffice to move the sand particles; hence every minute movement left its trace.

7 thoughts on “Wind, Sand, Movement”

  1. The second photo works for me very much like a Rorschach blot — those long shadows form a story that changes as I think about it — like the wind and the long shadows of the sun, it moves.

    The “gasp with shock” — I never heard this phrase, nor knew about Man Ray’s description of experiencing an art exhibition — but this is exactly how I do it, I feel very stubborn because I often go with people who take the audio and follow the tour exactly, and the older I get, the more I WILL NOT do that. The work must arrest me, as you say.

    1. The one autobiography I ever read first page to last was Man Ray’s. Evidently, I was quite impressed with his description… I very much sympathise with your impatience with audio guides. They do not work for me either. It is good to know that other people feel similarly. Thanks for ypur comment, Judith.

  2. Tobias, your previous pair of images, under the heading “Sand and Sun”, appealed to me very much, but these two made me gasp with shock … they’re even more striking and lovely.

    1. Thank you so much. “Gasp with shock” reminds me of the way Man Ray used to look at pictures; he describes walking through exhibitions rather briskly until a work suddenly arrests him. I often do so in large exhibitions myself – an interesting experience…

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