Turning the Usual Into Something Unusual

Making people look at what they usually overlook, making them see what they did not see before has always been one of the central objectives of photography. It is indeed rewarding to charge everyday scenes and objects with mystery. But the longer I photograph, the better I seem to understand that first and foremost it is light which accounts for an unusual appearance – both in the wotld that surrounds us and in pictures.  There is nothing like getting drunk on light…

15 thoughts on “Turning the Usual Into Something Unusual”

    1. …it’s almost always the light that makes me want to grab my camera and go out. And I am happy I am not the only one – thanks!

  1. photography is indeed the art of painting with light! 🙂 i enjoyed looking at your take on the challenge.

  2. That shot —
    I feel like I can almost figure it out, but not quite —
    Eerie, and slightly sinister, perhaps.
    You deliver exactly what you promise: light making something usual, unusual and odd —

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