Stone: Shapes

Returning to one of the original ideas of this blog, I would just like to try out different combinations of pictures. Now and then, it may seem inevitable I post pictures I have posted before, now putting them into a different context. I hope you do not mind my experimenting. I promise there will always be one new picture at least.

6 thoughts on “Stone: Shapes”

    1. Surprised? That’s an interesting feedback because after I made these pictures and looked at them so often (considering whethwer to post them or not) they seem so familiar to me … Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting!

  1. I’m very glad for this post, because it sent me back to your blog’s beginnings. (Why didn’t it ever occur to me to do that myself?) And like any new important information, requires rethinking what came afterward (which to me came first).
    I love the two juxtapositions so far.

  2. These two images work very well together. I like the heavy dark lines contrasting with the lighter stone background. For me, the dark lines add a kind of dynamism and depth to the images.

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