8 thoughts on “Heavy Metal”

  1. These are STUNNING.
    I admire B/W very much, but color touches my heart.
    These call to mind the paintings of Richard Diebenkorn, which I can pore over for great lengths of mind.
    Are they straight abstracts, that is, compositions found solely by your selective eye? Or are they at all manipulated, as a painter manipulates, albeit in a different fashion?

    1. They were all photographed as found, the way whoever worked with these pieces left them lying around. It was up to me to find a frame around them, so to speak – or to ‘see’ potential pictures. I am very happy they seem to reverberate (?). Thanks for you comment, Judith!

    1. Thank you so much! Walking around there on the “Australiakai”, I had to think of your rust-post – and I asked myself if you would maybe like these.

    1. You saw it coming, didn’t you? These past months, I was flirting with colour (not least in your photos) until I had the feeling I should add this dimension to some of my pictures. I am trying out a new, pocketable camera now … And: I am happy you like the pictures. Thanks, Lynn!

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