A Hat, a Coat and …

Light filtering through the vapours from the hot springs and wells of this city, the old buildings being reflected in a spill of water, sudden sunbeams hitting walls and floor of a narrow courtyard: Sometimes the daily vistas assume a touch of foreignness. Seeing these moments is all we have to do as photographers.

This idea formed in a discussion with Judith Bruder (see here) who nudged me to participate in this week’s photo challenge: Thank you, Judith! The picture shows the shadow cast by a statue. And while the chap originally looks amiable enough, his shadow reminds me of Philip Marlowe, who had “a hat, a coat, and a gun” – which accounts for the title.

10 thoughts on “A Hat, a Coat and …”

  1. I LOVE what you’ve come up with here, and am delighted to think I was part of encouraging your process.
    Also love the title, it strikes just the right whimsical note for the shadowy detective who’s stepped down from his pedestal.
    But I never remember Philip Marlowe wearing a monocle —and when I first looked at the shadow, that’s what I saw. (Do you see why?)
    The inside of our skulls, perhaps the most foreign territory of all.

    1. Didn’t he wear glasses or did Chandler just not mention them? The highly visible glasses – or monocle – were one of the things that triggered this picture. Thanks for your comment, Judith!

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