Green, Technically

A response to The Weekly Photo Challenge: German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) claim to provide the greenest transportation available, and here are some – green – fixtures that help provide the power for the engines.


13 thoughts on “Green, Technically


    Great interpretation of green . I missed seeing your static work…entranced as ever. Green -LEED is so big in building..funny you are the only one to think of this that I’ve seen.

    1. tms Post author

      Thank you! Just let me know: What do you mean by “static work”? I am curious – and happy to have you visiing the blog.


      Hallo, I LOVE your work as you know! By static I mean still and fixed, stationary or stable and with great positive and negative space especially in some of your industrial shots. This is a compliment 🙂

    3. tms Post author

      Thank you! I think I understood your comment was positive … and now I have a better idea of what you like, so thanks for that too – and I think “calm” or “balanced” is something I am often aiming at.

    4. tms Post author

      Like in “Inspiration” one post further up? Reduce the size to about a half minus 10 to 20 pt for the space between them (you can do that while editing – when you click the picture you alreday inserted into the post) – and then put one to the left and one to the right. It works most of the times … If it doesn’t, I keep trying. Hope this helps you.

    1. tms Post author

      It look me a second glance to realize these pictures represent “green” … in a way. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Judith!

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