4 thoughts on “Cool Liquid”

  1. These are AMAZING.
    When I see them, I see paintings, the most painterly being the first (to my eyes).
    I cannot begin to imagine either what they are “in real life” or how your eyes (really I think I mean vision) work, to see these possibilities.

    1. Thank you, Judith! I think I kind of ‘saw’ paintings in these reflections of buildings and trees on the surface of a pond, too. Sometimes the real situation at hand reminds me of pictures I have seen before. Then the photograph refers to that picture as much as to the given object. At least that’s how I think my vision might work.

  2. There’s something so mysterious about black & white reflections. Done well and looking wonderful especially compared to snow.

    1. …especially compared to snow: I fully agree. Enough of snow now! Thanks for visiting and commenting, Lynn. I am happy you like the pictures.

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