Flying Home

296-14 296-15 296-16The notion that ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’ probably blinded us, leading us to believe that a picture must be an object that is complete in itself. But pictures are more dependent on context than we usually think. Instead of fighting this fact (and trying to create autonomous works), why do we not use context to our advantage, as a means to our ends? Think of comic strips.

Special thanks to air traffic control at Verkehrslandeplatz Mainz-Finthen (EDFZ) who allowed me to photograph their taxiway area.

6 thoughts on “Flying Home”

    1. Herzlichen Dank, Martina. Einen Moment lang dachte ich, diese Bilder gefallen nur mir. Schön, dass es nicht so ist!

  1. These really are wonderful. I’m happy that air traffic control bent the rules for once —
    I’m not sure I follow your philosophical trail accurately — but to me it’s about the pieces of narrative that ultimately make up a narrative.

    1. Judith, it is a very small airfield, so I think they did not necessarily have to bend the rules. You need a permission to move about and they sort of keep you on a leash. Most of it is common sense: Do not walk on the runway, and keep clear of aircraft while the engines are running. Anyway, I am glad you like the photos – and I think you got the philosophy part right (you just seem to describe it from another angle). Thanks for the insight!

  2. I like the crisp, graphic quality of these photos, the top one I find exceptional. Your work offers unique, unpredictable viewpoints.

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