A place. Where none. A time when try see. Try say. How small. How vast. How if not boundless bounded. Whence the dim. Not now. Know better now. Unknow better now. Know only no out of. No knowing how know only no out of. Into only. Hence another. Another place where none. Whither once whence no return. No. No place but the one. None but the one where none. Whence never once in. Somehow in. Beyondless. Thenceless there. Thitherless there. Thenceless thitherless there.


Where then but there see –


See for be seen. Misseen. From now see for be misseen.


Samuel Beckett: Worstward Ho | This is part five of five. A short introduction can be found in part one.


6 thoughts on ““Beyondless.””

    1. Thank you, Chris! That sounds like the process of making these photos, only in reverse. Which I think is quite interesting – and rather good.

    2. I was quite sure I could make most of the pictures I needed on a nearby meadow with old apple trees. I had some pictures in mind. For example, I wanted the first lines – “On. Say on” – to be accompanied by something like an empty stage, a blank page, a clean slate. I wanted somewhat optimistic pictures for lines like “fail better.” I needed something to convey a meaning for “beyondless” (one of my favourite expressions here).
      So I walked the meadow and made several pictures to choose from, using up one and a half rolls of black and white film. After processing I was pretty sure where some of the pictures had to go (the first seven, in fact). The rest kind of fell in place.
      By the way: In the navigation bar (top) you’ll find a new gallery displaying the whole cycle… And I hope I answered the question.

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