20 thoughts on “Ornithologie (Naturhistorische Sammlungen)”

    1. You were one of the first to comment on this blog, and you are still visiting. Thank you so much…!

    1. Thanks, Janet! I sort of needed the angles to show these pictures are form a museum…

  1. How do you do it – You always come up with the most interesting, unique interpretations of the photo challenges. I am amazed. These are stunning.

    1. That’s a very nice thing to say, Patricia! Thanks, and … I try to do my best.

    1. Thank you! All pictures were taken with TMax 400 Film (I had to use a tripod in the museum). I over-exposed the bright background by 1,5 to 2 stops and counter-checked on the bird to make sure it would not be underexposed by much more than 2 steps. I do not own a spot meter, so there is always a bit guessing involved. Later, I have the films developed with TMax developer and the scan them, usually just removing dust and the blur that comes with the scanning process. I almost never change brightness, contrast, and only crop the image very occasionally. I hope this answers your question… Cheers, Tobias

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