Burg Eppstein

328-21 328-20 328-36Inside? Outside? That’s always hard to tell when you visit a castle ruin…

10 thoughts on “Burg Eppstein

    1. tms Post author

      Thanks for this kind comment, Chris! I am glad you like this style because this type of picture is what I’ve been experimenting with lately (as you will of course have noticed).

    1. tms Post author

      Thanks, Harrie. Here is what I like about the white: I know it represents the sky, but it does not necessarily “show” it. With respect to what we actually see, it seems to remind me that these are “only” pictures – it kind of denotes the white of the paper for me… The picture looks empty without being empty. This tension seems all the more pronounced since I work with film and do not alter the pictures after scanning. Does this make sense?

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