Project 03 | Understanding Art. KIT – TAU (2)


As I moved around the art, the art moved me..

Kunst im Tunnel (KIT) is one of Düsseldorf’s most original museum spaces. It is literally part of a tunnel, a little odd-shaped piece of concrete left over above the actual tube and beyond a beautiful riverside walk along the Rhine river. It is very low at one end and very narrow at the other, and between the two ends, it is shaped like banana, or rather a banana box. The place is worth a visit in itself.

Tau, on he other hand, is the German word for both dew and a rope. It was chosen as a title for the collective exhibition of a class of Düsseldorf’s academy of the fine arts. The leaflet explains that no single work is ascribed to a single artist, thus drawing a parallel to both dew and a rope which are both constituted by smaller elements (the droplets, the single threads).

As a way of exhibiting art, this seems to be halfway between the art school exhibition I showed before and the museum I plan to take you to in some upcoming posts.

Let me just add that being there with a permit to photograph, I felt like a kid in a candy store.

4 thoughts on “Project 03 | Understanding Art. KIT – TAU (2)”

    1. Judith, I wondered if I should submit these as a walk – after all, I visited on foot.
      To answer your question: With its boardwalk alond the river and a more or less historical downtown area, Düsseldorf is always worth a walk for me. However, many trees were uprooted in the pretty parks, and they are building a new subway – which can spoil the enjoyment. Maybe I should come back with pictures taken on a Düsseldorf walk one day.
      Most amazingly, I always stumble upon this old home town of mine when I read about art that currently interests me: for Informel (the European Abstract Expressionism) and ZERO, Düsseldorf seemingly played an important role, and then there is the (unjustly?) so called Düsseldorf School of Photography… So I am seeing ‘my’ city with new eyes.

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