Happy Place: Museum (Metz)





Man is only himself when at play, claims Friedrich Schiller in his Letters upon the Aesthetic Education of Man. For me, museums are not just places that deal with aesthetics but also adult playgrounds – especially when I am allowed to use my camera: Museums encourage taking the risk of looking at things differently; the whole activity feels like getting the head massaged. | A contribution for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place.

14 thoughts on “Happy Place: Museum (Metz)”

    1. Indeed. Maybe because the French have a knack for it – and maybe because so much of “art after the end of art”* is quite interactive. And inspiring, too. [*That’s a concept I borrowed from A.C.Danto, for whom this era seems to start with Warhol’s Brillo Boxes.]

    1. Jetzt, wo Du es sagst: Ein wenig war das auch die Stimmung… Danke für den Besuch!

    1. Thank you so much, Harrie. No. 2 calls for a very close look but I hope it “works”.

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