8 thoughts on “Shadows”

  1. Hallo Tobias,
    Deine Schatten-Interpretationen finde ich interessant, vor allem das mittlere Bild, auf dem man sich wirklich schwer tut, Realität und Schatten auseinander zu halten.
    Das erste Foto ist so besonders gut gelungen, weil es einen sofort an die asiatischen Malereien erinnert, so zart, zu sensibel gestaltet.
    Mein erster Besuch bei Dir hat mir viel Freude gemacht, ich komme gerne wieder….
    herzlichst moni

  2. You are expanding the ways I think about photography, and I am sure you will do that for most bloggers that see your work. This is a tough choice for me. Maybe I’ll go with the spider. Thank you, Tobias.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Paula! I admit to being a bit curious: How would I expand the way you think about photography? (You do not have to answer this if you don’t like to!)

    2. For example your challenges when you were a guest on my blog. Both times you made me look at photography differently. I became more aware of perspectives – for the first guest post, and later when you came up with the noise – it was a revelation for many people here.

    3. I am glad to hear it, Paula. Sometimes all I try to do is show what I want to show, sometimes I try to figure out “if and how this works in photography,” with the Impulse often being altogether external to photography.

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