April in Paris

The picture above, named after a song by Vernon Duke, is part of my Jazz series. I asked myself if the situation was too surreal, but then I saw the Lens Artists’ challenge, which is Surrealism. And I decided this amount of surrealism was all right. After all, the fun of working with toys is that you can push everything towards Surrealism as much as you like.

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

After seeing some of René Magritte’s pictures at a very young I age, I wanted to be an artist – a Surrealist, to be sure. Although my goals have changed during the last forty or so years, I still have a soft spot for Surrealism. So every once in a while, my pictures are inspired by this philosophy.

Die schöne Harfnerin
Still Mad

3 thoughts on “April in Paris”

    1. Thank you, Jo. Surrealism is not my main focus for a reason, I guess. I am more partial to abstract art … and graphic novels, of course. Your comment is much appreciated.

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