A Few Words About Me

A training in literature and philosophy boils down to learning to ask questions. That’s an important part of what I do for a living now: I ask questions and write texts.

I also make pictures. They have become a part of my life, along with the books. I do not know if the pictures first sneaked in, and then came the cameras or if it was the other way round. Upon acquiring my first ‘serious’ camera, I discovered new possibilities, and with them, new perspectives. Do I now make the pictures I make because I can or because they have to be made? And is photographing a way of asking questions, too? Or is it all about statements?

Statements: Photography, we learn, is about the real, tangible world. Using film, I inevitably produce traces of this world. Yet my interests are abstract – like my original disciplines. A year (or so) of blogging already provided me with insights about the path I seem to follow. It takes me along the borders between representation and abstraction.

This blog invites you to join me as I saunter ahead (preferably up the stairs, through the gate).

20 September 2011

31 thoughts on “A Few Words About Me”

  1. I looked through most of your photos. Can’t wait to return and continue strolling through your galleries and postings. Love your work – it’s outstanding.

    1. Grazie a te, Vanni! (Non sono securo si ho interamente caspito il tuo commentario…)

    2. No problem; your English is better than my Italian. I do understand you made a very interesting point now. I’ll think about it! Grazie!

  2. This is a wonderful landing page, from which to ascend the stairway to your work—a great find (thanks to your following mine).
    Looking forward to seeing what’s ahead (and what I’ve missed so far—behind).

  3. Hi, found your blog on another because ‘Empire of Lights’ appealed to me. Lots of interesting photos you are sharing. ‘Abstract’ appealed to me too. A photo ‘in fact’ can never be abstract because it captured the real world in every single pixel. What makes them abstract is ‘you’ (can be anybody), I think. From countless possible photos you chose just that one and only, because something touched you; or meant something to you; or was on the same wavelength with you. May be the outside world is a sort of mirror in which you can find yourself. And maybe a photo-camera is an art-tool, like paint and brushes, that is able to capture parts of the outside world that express your meaning. Cheers, harrie.

    1. You describe the tension I feel between “reality out there” and photographs quite acutely. Thanks for your lines, Harrie – and thanks for subscribing!

  4. I like your work very much, I think you have a great sense for detail and composition. Interesting sort of abstract minimalism often accompanied with a narrative line.

    1. Thank you Odile, I feel honoured, and appreciate it. However, I decided that this is an award free blog. No offense intended – and thank you very much indeed for considering me!

  5. I nominated your blog for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award as I like the way you write – and publish your graphic and sophisticated pictures.

    The rules for accepting the award are as follows: Display the award logo, link back to the person who nominated you, state 7 things about yourself, nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
    Best regards Nina. 
    Jag gör världen vackrare

    1. Thank you, Nina – I feel honoured! As for the seven things and the fifteen blogs, I’ll see what I can come up with. By then I’ll know if I “am in a position to formally accept” this award.


    2. Any hesitation is fully understandable. I admit that it took quite some time to fulfill the obligations. I was nominated for another award once before, but then I had simply too much to do IRL.

  6. Thank you for visiting Featherglass. You have an amazing perspective! Keep doing what you do, for you do it well! 😀

  7. You cannot stop the eye I find… it goes with you everywhere so to speak! ….some great work on this blog Tobias.. I shall enjoy following it I’m sure.

    1. That is very kind of you, Helen! Thank you – and I hope you won’t be disappointed…

  8. Tobias, how can you compose a picture if really this is capturing an impression as fleeting as a second or a blinking of an eye – you left me in a marvel …

    1. Something catches my eye … would it make a good picture? I hesitate.

      I decide upon a perspective and pick a lens. I step back and forth, right and left, thus altering the juxtaposition of objects. I try to figure the whites, greys, and blacks … or lights and shadows.

      Pushing the button, activating the shutter, is but a fraction of the process. I think many photographers would agree, though they might find better, more adequate words to describe this.

      As for the ‘fleeting impression’, there may be an element of chance which I did not figure out yet … since I did not feel the need: Maybe I am more interested in space than in time right now.

  9. Hi Tobias – an interesting statement. I observe you not only reach out into abstract with your pictures but also as if compose some musical allegories — some of your titles reflect it too … I wonder if you are aware?

    Also as of clarification: do you mean making pictures that you create something out of something? Or do you simply mean taking them with your camera? btw — I am just two steps behind you — strolling ahead … 🙂

    1. Hi Eliza, you do ask good questions… I was aware of reaching into the musical realm with some of my titles because resonance is something I often look for in pictures. I also feel that composing a picture seems to be an important aspect, hence I like to think I make pictures ‘out of’ the things I find scattered around. – Thank you for your interest.

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