Unten im Museum





Unten” (“below”) is the subject of Paleica’s latest photo challenge, and since I am a person who can’t even resist looking down while at a museum, here we go.

Since I experiment with low light conditions, I think that a note on the first picture may be in order: There are two very dark hues in this picture, with a rectangular shape to the right of the light strip: this part is minimally brighter than the rest of the picture (and it seems to become visible if you look at it long enough and/or in a dark room). I had been thinking about increasing the contrast, but then I was fascinated by this kind of minimalism and did not touch it.

The first two pictures show Städel Museum in Frankfurt; the last parts of art installations at Museum Wiesbaden, a small museum valiantly and successfully maintaining its own profile in the face of all the well-known museums in nearby cities like Frankfurt, Darmstadt, and Mainz. I recommend visiting.