Travelling Scotland, I picked up a small cloud guide (you cannot help taking interest in weather in Scotland, it seems). I found that weather is quite an interesting field, and then I thought, well if I am that interested, why not photograph the sky?

I took the photo above from our balcony, and I think it illustrates the fact that there are several distinct altitudes for clouds. The sun is on its way down, and I just caught it between two “floors”. The photo below shows just how dramatic weather can be.

6 thoughts on “Weather”

  1. That upper picture — color would be irrelevant for me, I think. In fact, blue (even an overcast bluish-gray) might detract from the drama of light that’s going on.
    I suppose if I were to think of this photo in connection with a theme, it would be Majesty.

    1. I see your point. Furthermore, your mentioning the drama of light and the “Majesty” theme seem to confirm that black and white does exactly what I generally want it to do. It seems to add meaning that goes beyond depiction. Thank you so much for contributing!

  2. I keep an open mind when it comes to black and white —
    I can appreciate it, but it isn’t my own first choice.
    But when it comes to these weather photos — I think you’ve convinced me. The drama, suspense, power are all immeasurably enhanced by black and white.

    1. Thank you, Judith. In the light of your earlier comments I would say that indeed you keep an open mind regarding black and white. Funnily enough though, when I tried to make sense of the shadow cast by the clouds in the upper picture, I was asking myself if weather pictures should not be in colour: Was the sky overcast or blue here? Anyway, these photos are not didactic.

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