Light Matters





DSC02142-kThe pictures show details of Kochbrunnen, an octagonal building in Wiesbaden’s downtown area. Different angles, different times of the day. different days, different weather conditions: These factors account for the different moods and colours in these picures.

I metered on the columns, slightly (but consistently) overexposing them because the sandstone is quite light – except for the last frame which reflects the lighting situation of the early evening. White balance was the same for all pictures, and no post-processing was done regarding the colours.

If I ever needed proof that light is one of the most important ‘materials’ for a photographer to work with, here it is. I am sure you all already knew, but I am still kind of new to colour photography, so to acutally see how different these pictures are from one another is a bit of a surprise for me.

Thanks to Christina / Paleica for inspiring this series with her recent photo challenge.


Travelling Scotland, I picked up a small cloud guide (you cannot help taking interest in weather in Scotland, it seems). I found that weather is quite an interesting field, and then I thought, well if I am that interested, why not photograph the sky?

I took the photo above from our balcony, and I think it illustrates the fact that there are several distinct altitudes for clouds. The sun is on its way down, and I just caught it between two “floors”. The photo below shows just how dramatic weather can be.