Into the Greenery

A contribution to Ailsa’s Travel Theme – Flowers.

14 thoughts on “Into the Greenery”

    1. That puts me in a dilemma, Judith – I still hesitate when it comes to explaining. Oh well: It’s the edge of a leaf, and a try at even more ‘radical’ abstraction.

    2. It is a great success at radical abstraction! I thought logically that’s what it might be, but my eye remains baffled, and that’s good.
      The texture and the light quality and the shape are very fine indeed.
      (No, you never have to explain — mystery is also good.)

    3. “The eye remains baffled” you write, Judith – maybe that’s how our minds work when it cmes to photography. We appear to see the subject, not the picture. A ‘natural’ response it seems, yet an acquired view. Fascinating…

    1. Thanks Helen! Most of the time the leaves interest me more than the blossoms, maybe because I feel they offer insight into a plant’s organisation.

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