Alfriston Clergy House

Today’s post may show less abstraction; instead, I hope there is a story. Here is what feels like traditional gardening to me – a garden you may live in, a garden you can contemplate, a garden that feeds you (with artichokes).

Alfriston Clergy House was the first object to be acquired by The National Trust (England) in 1896. I also think this tradition of preserving a country’s heritage is a good one. And so this post might contribute to Ailsa’s Travel Theme – Tradition.

6 thoughts on “Alfriston Clergy House”

  1. tms this is quite brilliant, I’ve never heard of Alfriston Clergy House but would love to see it in person. Your choice of b/w for this is inspired. That second photo is beautifully evocative, and the topiary and architectural beauty of the artichokes looks wonderful in black and white.

    1. Thank you, Ailsa. The topiaries never failed to fascinate me throughout our journey in East Sussex and Kent – green walls adding up to architecture.

  2. Numbers one and three are a perfect balance of abstraction and “story.”
    Putting all four together —- this is a MARVELOUS piece. If you were to do more in this style — they’d receive a hearty welcome —
    A keeper!

    1. Now that you mention it … I am considering similar ideas, triggered by a fellow photographer’s question why amateurs do so few documentaries, and by these brilliant ideas about the series. We will see if that takes me anywhere. Thanks for the comment, Judith!

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