289-31290-22This week’s photo theme is “Resolved“, and Sara kindly suggested that the resolution might as well be about our photography: In 2013, I would like to make pictures that are quite abstract – because I just love playing with the pictorial space – yet tell of a story.

So here are pictures I made when I visited the Luftbrücke memorial near Frankfurt Airport. It is my story about a place that reminds us of a transatlantic story (and of a story that tells us how problems can be resolved).


15 thoughts on “Resolved”

  1. I like the different way you tell the story – and not on the “normal” way – Great to see your photos .. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Myra – I kind of keep returning to black and white, feeling that is a good way to ‘express myself’.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting, Angeline! So we will see more of your photos this year, won’t we?

    1. The rise and fall
      Of a dividing wall –

      Thank you for your enlightening comment, Judith: I had not fully realized there was more recent history to be seen here.

    1. Thank you! I hope it is … and sometimes we stray from the straight path of our resolutions, and that’s also good, isn’t it?

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