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Looking up in Hamburg. Or was I craning my neck? Whatever. This is my contribution to Paula’s Black & White Sunday – and it also answers to this Week’s Photo Challenge since I think it shows that reflection is related to refraction (which I think is the case; if not, please let me know).

Ironworks. Up!





The ironworks shown here and in earlier posts are Völklinger Hütte (Völklingen Ironworks) in Saarland. Founded in 1873, they are now defunct. However the factory is now a World Heritage cultural site open to visitors.

Most of the pictures show details of the blast furnaces proper. More pictures taken on the top platform can be seen either here or in the Industrial Zone Gallery.

Walking the site felt like being in a strange yet exciting dream… I think that for anyone visiting Germany, these ironworks would counterpoint places like Heidelberg or Neuschwanstein very nicely.