The Berlin Train I

F-BO 5290-29Frankfurt Bonames Airfield (top picture) was photographed in 2010. I remember driving out to the Airlift Memorial at Frankfurt Airport afterwards but having no desire to photograph the historic airplanes there… However, I did return to the Airlift Memorial in December 2012 to photograph airplanes there (bottom).

Now it just felt right to combine pictures from the two sessions – showing the tarmac and a part of the wing of a Douglas C-54. They are both about aviation, and the principles of abstraction appear quite similar. Are these two in tune?

2 thoughts on “The Berlin Train I”

  1. For me, these are both strong images that play off against one another. In F-BO 5 (the shot from 2010), the power of the arrowhead shape is modulated by the textured weathering. In 20-29, the crispness of the contrast accentuates the geometry, whilst the partially-lit mechanical details add interest. Thanks.

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