Inside / Out



Inside: Is the inside visible from the outside? Is the inside only perceptible in its relation to an outside (by way of looking out, for example)? How can I arrive at one of the two, starting from the other? It may be the transition that counts.



Ist das Innen von Außen zu sehen? Zeigt sich das Innen nur in seinem Bezug zum Außen (zum Beispiel beim Hinausschauen)? Wie komme ich von dem einen zum anderen? Vielleicht ist es der Übergang, der zählt.

The Berlin Train I

F-BO 5290-29Frankfurt Bonames Airfield (top picture) was photographed in 2010. I remember driving out to the Airlift Memorial at Frankfurt Airport afterwards but having no desire to photograph the historic airplanes there… However, I did return to the Airlift Memorial in December 2012 to photograph airplanes there (bottom).

Now it just felt right to combine pictures from the two sessions – showing the tarmac and a part of the wing of a Douglas C-54. They are both about aviation, and the principles of abstraction appear quite similar. Are these two in tune?