Construction Site

291-31In the course of the years, a lot of content has sunk into this blog’s past. While I can let go of some posts without looking back, others still feel valid.

The first idea for excavating older pictures was the introduction of pages. But after discussing design at the Community Pool a homepage with a blog attached to it seemed like a logical step. It puts a bit more emphasis on getting to the pictures.

Plus, I love this theme: Its four column grid is very easy to work with and it offers very clear navigation.

While I think the general idea is already visible, there is still some work ahead of me: Adding featured images to the blogs, adjusting the headlines where they are too long to fit in one line on the Blog page, and adding to the galleries.

I do hope that you all like the new design and stay tuned. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Construction Site”

  1. Changes, changes!
    It takes me a while to adjust to changes, so bear with me.
    This photo (new? certainly new to me!) is one of those I think of as story-worthy, with strong narrative possibilities.
    I like that about a photo!

    1. Thank you, Judith! You are right, this picture is new – and I made it as the situation struck me because of its narrative possibilities.

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