Grammar Exercise: Future

E1 E2 E3

When I first read about this week’s photo challenge – Future Tense – I immediately thought: I should do something with an egg!

9 thoughts on “Grammar Exercise: Future”

  1. Considering that it’s a natural egg (judging by the color), I’m guessing there was a bird after all. But since you’re not telling, I guess we’ll never know… 😀

    1. This egg’s future is long gone … but still. Thank you for visiting, commenting, and following!

  2. I am tense watching that first egg — I am waiting for it to roll down that slick smooth surface — and then all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will find it impossible to put it together again —
    What a sad future!
    The other two eggs are sturdier. Weightier. I’m not worrying about them!

    1. …it does look like I nailed it to a wall, doesn’t it? Thanks for the comment, Judith. It makes me smile ear to ear.

    1. I’m not telling (that’s part of the story) – but thanks for visiting and commenting!

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