Construction sites always seem to display a kind of transitory architecture, which I think is fascinating. Since this transitory architecture seems to imply a view into the future, I thought this might be an adequate entry for this week’s photo challenge: Future Tense.

8 thoughts on “Transitory”

  1. The first and the third are especial favorites for me. The powerful combination of abstract form and color — now intense, now pale — is tied together by a literal “fence.”
    I always marvel how your eye can spot these forms with such clarity amid what to most of us would be a muddle.

    1. Thank you, Judith! Sometimes I marvel too, looking through my photos … The stack of orange sewage pipes invited play – and trying things out -, as did the red rectangles of the sheeting, not to mention the invitation of peepholes to peep. As for the middle picture, I liked the hint at geometry and thought I could try something there, too.

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