Spielende Hengste (Playing Stallions) by German sculptor Gerhard Marcks. The sculpture was commissioned by a local insurance company in 1962 and donated to the City of Wiesbaden in 1963. It refers to Wiesbaden as a host to the Pfingstturnier, an annual horse race of international scope.

If things pan out as planned, this picture will be part of a larger series called Le città e la memoria (another bow to Italo Calvino) which will explore landmarks, memorials, and some buildings.

This is my second contribution for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Up!

  1. Touch2Touch

    Brilliant example of a lot of things, but today, in my mood, my first response was Wow! look at that negative space.
    Intriguing project moving forward? Good luck! (Viel Gluck)

    1. tms Post author

      Thank you, Judith – that negative space appeals to me too. It was what I intended to show, thus I am glad it seems to work.
      [My statistics say this is your 100th comment – WOW! – thank you for that, too!]

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