Spielende Hengste (Playing Stallions) by German sculptor Gerhard Marcks. The sculpture was commissioned by a local insurance company in 1962 and donated to the City of Wiesbaden in 1963. It refers to Wiesbaden as a host to the Pfingstturnier, an annual horse race of international scope.

If things pan out as planned, this picture will be part of a larger series called Le città e la memoria (another bow to Italo Calvino) which will explore landmarks, memorials, and some buildings.

This is my second contribution for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Up!”

  1. Brilliant example of a lot of things, but today, in my mood, my first response was Wow! look at that negative space.
    Intriguing project moving forward? Good luck! (Viel Gluck)

    1. Thank you, Judith – that negative space appeals to me too. It was what I intended to show, thus I am glad it seems to work.
      [My statistics say this is your 100th comment – WOW! – thank you for that, too!]

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