Man With a Book

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When I think of pictures, I often think of lines – outlining the shape of an object, or adding up to shades of gray in a hatching. Michelangelo, however, thought that there were no lines in nature; there are only surfaces. And from a photographic point of view, he is spot-on: Photography gives us a unique chance to present surfaces with relatively little effort. Maybe that’s why I like photographing stone so much.

My contribution for this week’s photo challenge – culture – shows a statue by F. Schaper (dated 1904/05) representing Gustav Freytag, a German homme des lettres.

15 thoughts on “Man With a Book

    1. tms Post author

      Coincidence! I am presently exploring monuments with my camera, and I got fed up with all those war heroes. Hence I deliberately tried to ‘nail’ some writers – so far, I only found Goethe, Schiller, Dostoevsky, and Freytag.

  1. ilargia64

    Heraclitus said “Men who wish to know about the World must learn about it in its particular details”…I see you can abstract a whole life of a man in 3 details: a book, a fold of a coat…I love it!

  2. Graham

    I like these shots a lot. I’ve often taken shots of sculpture but with limited success. I agree with your point about the importance of surfaces – but don’t entirely agree with Michelangelo. What works for me is the interaction of line and surface – shape and texture. That’s what I see in these compositions.

    1. tms Post author

      Thank you, Judith – I was wandering how you would respond to the first picture when you posted it (I actually thought you might like it).

  3. Patricia

    I discovered your blog today and admire your work – the combination of representation, abstraction and minimalism. A few years ago I took an interest in photography as a hobby, and I look at accomplished photographers’ work for inspiration and education. Your work is far ahead of anything I can produce now, or perhaps ever, but I look and learn, and I attempt creativity in my own little way. I will visit your site again. Kind regards.

    1. tms Post author

      Thank you very much, Patricia. I frankly do not know what to say … Photography is my hobby, too, and I think I am far from accomplished. And by no means “ahead of you”, as a quick look at your blog already taught me!

    2. Patricia

      Thank you, tms, for visiting my blog. It was very kind of you to take the time to do so. I truly find your images unique, artful, and inspirational. Best Wishes.

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