Back on the Blog

Construction 2013-07Conversation instead of presentation: A couple of moths ago I thought I needed a home page. But I did not do much with it, and it did not do much for me – other than that the blog almost vanished in the background and I could not show more than one picture per post on the blog’s first page. All looked good to me, but as I realized I love the experiment, the dynamics and the exchange of opinions more than just presenting, I grew more and more dissatisfied. So: Dear readers, here is a new layout I hope you’ll enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Back on the Blog”

  1. Experimentation is essential and the bog is the perfect place to experiment – I think experimenting and stretching yourself are how you move forward. You may not even be sure of what you have learned intitally but trying things different styles and changing how you present your work – is all good.

  2. To me, the “front page” seemed impersonal, “professional”, “imposing” … but it created a barrier that hid you and your personality from your readers’ view. So it’s good to see you again.

    1. So I am really happy I switched to this format. And I thank you for what now feels like years of visitng and commenting here, even when the layout was not as appealing … Good to hear from you!

  3. The photo finger hasn’t lost its cunning. So ultimately that’s what matters.
    I do love and enjoy your color; it stands in such contrast to the range of blacks of your B/W —
    And I especially enjoy the narrative occasions — as this one is, to me.

    1. The photo finger – I like that. It’s the finger that indicates what I see, right? (I know this might be what we like to call a productive misunderstanding.)

    2. “Productive misunderstanding” — I love it! This phrase will be so useful.
      And in fact I think it is one — because I had in mind the finger that “triggers” the shutter. (Ref., the “trigger finger”; I am American, and so are my metaphors, I guess!)
      (Metaphorically and secondarily, yes, it also indicates what you see.)

  4. As a reader of your blog, I do enjoy and endorse your new layout. Showcases your sleek photographs well, and is smooth to navigate through the posts, allowing viewers a good look at your past work as well as new images. Best Wishes and Happy Photographing!

    1. Thank you very much for your – very valuable and highly appreciated – feedback, Patricia!

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