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Beynac. Part One

A walk up to the castle of Beynac (Périgord). During this year’s trip to France I was often intrigued by the way roofs, pigeonaires and chimneys seemed to define space in very particular ways, and I tried to capture something of what I thought I understood in these pictures.

Part two will take you inside the castle where I fooled with the available light…

Since the ascent to the castle was indeed a walk, and because our path was lined by traces of the past, I seize the opportunity to participate in two great challenges: Jo’s Monday Walks and Thursday’s Special at Paula’s. Please check them out; both Paula and Jo have regular challenges, and both of them are great hosts.






Fenster und Fassaden is Christina’s Magical Motto of the Month. And this time, I just seized the opportunity to show some windows (Fenster) I collected during our last trip to Italy, mainly in and around Lucca. I am always fascinated by glass and by the many shapes and designs of windows people come up with.

Please check out the other façades and windows at episoden.film! There are always great contributions to be seen there – and while Christina’s blog is in German, pictures know of no language barrier.