Infinitely Busy


Pondering the subject of this week’s photo challenge, I realize that water points towards the concept of infinity in so many ways: On the shore, I often see (or actually do not see) the sea touch the sky. I witness the tides, and with that I suddenly understand water is always going somewhere. Like infinity, I cannot grasp it. The picture shows water running over a sandy beach in a rivulet. Capturing its movement, I found a beast’s eye –

11 thoughts on “Infinitely Busy”

  1. Paradox (cf. comments above): yes, water is always volatile. But you can only freeze frame it in a photo.
    It can only be experienced, not captured. For some reason — that pleases me.
    (Probably a dragon’s eye. That’s just what they look like.)

    1. We freeze the moment, and the sun-kissed rivulets turn into ice cubes … I can see the paradox. And I love delving into this paradox photographically. Thank you for youur ideas, Judith.

    1. I see your point, but still think of water as volatile … anyway: Thank you, Harrie!

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