En route

Pays d'Auge III

Pays d'Auge I


Port de Fecamp I

Port de Fecamp II

Brown hues, interpreting both the Weekly Photo Challenge and this week’s Travel Theme. The floating leaves and the elaborate hairdo were spotted at Les Jardins du Pays d’Auge, Combremer; the onions come from the famous kitchen garden of Château de Miromesnil, Tourville-sur-Arques; and the last two pictures happened during a walk in the port of Fécamp.

34 thoughts on “En route”

    1. Thank you so much! Though I like the combination I am showing very much, the last two feel most mine – strange English, I know, but I do not have a better way to say it right now: I am just trying to say I see your point.

    1. Thank you Susan – since I cannot decide which of these I like the most and see the pictures in context, I am always happy with “I like them.”

    1. Thank you! Now the five pictures are even… I love that (I am glad I apparently do not show anything I shouldn’t have selected).

  1. The leaves in the water, the sculpture and the onions show interesting aspects of different dry textures – as a contrast to the water and the massive greenery. They are all so beautiful.

    1. So nice to have you visiting and commenting here, Kathryn! I do appreciate it.

    2. You rarely do the challenges. Glad you are Tobias !

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