Fragmente einer Sprache des Schreckens [2]

318-28 318-24
While it was bright and sunny in Longues-sur-Mer, visibility in Arromanches-les-Bains was poor (as BBC Weather would put it), rendering most of my pictures a harsh, almost rough black and white that reminds me of Capa’s D-Day pictures. So I pick smoother pictures here, asking myself if they might be too pretty for the subject. (Top: Arromanches; bottom: Longues)

4 thoughts on “Fragmente einer Sprache des Schreckens [2]”

  1. These photos and your previous series are powerful images. I disagree with your word “pretty.” I want to say beautiful, but also hesitate because of the subject matter, but if beauty includes that which causes the observer to pause and reflect, then they are indeed beautiful. Even if I did not know where the photos had been taken, something in your unique viewpoint alerts me that more than aesthetics is involved here. Stated simply, I find these images poignant and arresting.

    1. Neither in Longues nor in Arromanches did I photograph much because it felt strangely inappropriate – as Susan Sontag once said: Photographing means aestheticizing the world. I also could not anticipate the positive reactions to these pictures. So thank you very much for your thoughtful comment, Patricia: Both your and Karen’s lines let me see the pictures ‘with other eyes’, from a different angle.

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