9 thoughts on “Layers”

    1. I did not realize when I posted it but now I tend to agree … Thanks for your comment!

  1. Beautiful images. I can never quite get the hang of black and white, though I love to look at black and white photos. Go figure 😉

    1. Think of pencil drawings and woodcuts; think of forms and structures; think of light and shadow!
      The gray scale is literally in your hand: In the first picture, I was attracted by the silhouettes of the flowers on top the hill, and by the patches of light on the the hillside. In order to get the silhouettes really dark and dramatize the light patches, I slightly underexposed. And in the last picture it was all a matter of getting enough brightness into the tidal pools (it took a bit walking around till I han it right).
      Maybe these hints help you getting the hang a bit. Anyways: Thank you for visiting and commenting, Aislynn!

    2. Thank you, I’ll have to give it a shot the next time we see daylight (after fall/winter passes-it doesn’t get light until around 10am and it’s dark by 3:30pm at the moment) 😉

      I’d never thought about it as I would a pencil drawing, which I do quite a bit of, so perhaps it will help 🙂

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