Plato’s Cave Revisited. (Ironworks.)


“I look and sometimes I see,” writes Siri Hustvedt. That could be a good start for a photographic process. When and if I see, I sometimes use my camera to report it. Occasionally the resulting photograph resembles what I saw (it is then a good photo in my eyes). And sometimes it succeeds in making those who look at it see something too: What do you see? I wonder.

5 thoughts on “Plato’s Cave Revisited. (Ironworks.)”

  1. That’s easy. Since I’m planning on moderating a course on Japan in a couple of months for our Learning in Retirement here, my first thought is calligraphy. But not the flow of Japanese calligraphy, you’d need nature’s organics — trees, clouds, curves— for that. No, perhaps the blocky shapes of Korean ideograms, bold and black and full of shoulders.
    But it’s the second photo that engages my emotions — all that lovely space to set off the saxophone. (Oops, the power of suggestion!) 😉

    1. Wow, what an answer! As far as calligraphy goes, our trains of thought seem to run in the same direction… I am happy with that – thanks!

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