“With Care Never Worse Failed.”


First the body. No. First the place. No. First both. Now either. Now the other. Sick of the either try the other. Sick of it back sick of the either. So on. Somehow on. Till sick of both. Throw up and go. Where neither. Till sick of there. Throw up and back. The body again. Where none. The place again. Where none. Try again. Fail again. Better again. Or better worse. Fail worse again. Still worse again. Till sick for good. Throw up for good. Go for good. Where neither for good. Good and all.


It stands. What? Yes. Say it stands. Had to up in the end and stand. Say bones. No bones but say bones. Say ground. No ground but say ground. So as to say pain. No mind and pain? Say yes that the bones may pain till no choice but stand. Somehow up and stand. Or better worse remains. Say remains of mind where none to permit of pain. Pain of bones till no choice but up and stand. Somehow up. Somehow stand. Remains of mind where none for the sake of pain. Here of bones. Other examples if needs must. Of pain. Relief from. Change of.


All of old. Nothing else ever. But never so failed. Worse failed. With care never worse failed.


Samuel Beckett: Worstward Ho | This is part two of five. A short introduction can be found in part one.


3 thoughts on ““With Care Never Worse Failed.””

  1. Tobias, this is amazing me. The words and the images seem to contrast and strengthen each other. Autum can not be birth, or is it that Autumn is start of a new cycle? Is failing decaying to let go for something new, creating? In other words: I love it! Looking forward to part 3 and I am gonna read some of Samuel Beckett. I never have till you did this introduction.

    (well if this is worth a penny? 😉

    1. Oh, it is worth more than just a penny. Reading your interpretation is intriguing and thought-provoking Chris. I think our interpretations are heading in a similar direction (it’s about life and the struggle of it and maybe hope). Now I can’t wait to find out where your ‘close reading’ will take you in the end. I hope you will stay on board. And – thanks lot for your thoughts!

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