Let Me Take You to the Top



Boettcherstr-3Böttcherstraße is said to be a fine example of German Expressionist architecture. This stairwell is my perspective of On Top, the theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge.

17 thoughts on “Let Me Take You to the Top”

    1. Good to hear it. Colour still does not entirely feel like my cup of tea. Maybe I should practice more often… Your comment is much appreciated, Judith!

  1. Ach ja, Bremen. Das war mal ganz in der Nähe. Immer 1 Gelegenheit um die Augen zu waschen – wie man hier sagt..

    1. Wiir waren nur kurz da, aber die Augen haben wir gewaschen, definitiv! Danke für Deinen Besuch und Kommentar!

    1. It’s all sorts of things, shops downstairs, a museum upstairs, and (I think) even apartments. Thanks for visiting!

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