Home Range (I)





My favourite walk, and a great place to smooth the creases out of my soul, as a German poet (almost) put it: This is an area where I do not feel there is a thing like poor weather; and so this walk in the fog was extremely nice. As for the route, there is none, especially when I bring my camera. I just roam about which much to everybody’s delight leads to bringing home loads of mud on my shoes… Maybe this ‘method’ has to do with what Robert Adams writes about the relation between photographers and dogs:

“My guess […] is that what sustained the artists’ affection for dogs was above all the animals’ enlivening sense of possibility. Artists live by curiosity and enthusiasm, qualities readily evident as inspiration in dogs. Propose a dog a walk and its response is absolutely yes. As a terrier of ours once exclaimed to Kerstin, in a dream of hers, ‘Let’s, Kerstin!’ Those were the only words that anyone had ever heard a dog speak – a wide-open program of unqualified eagerness, delivered from her characteristic posture of readiness to bolt for the kitchen, town, or filed.” (Robert Adams, Why People Photograph, New York: Aperture, 1994. p. 47)

In the end I should not forget to mention Jo’s Monday Walk, because if you like walking as much as I do, that’s a great place to visit and get inspired and participate.

8 thoughts on “Home Range (I)”

    1. Thank you, Noe. It’s the weather conditions. Not only does the mist provide ‘clean’ backrounds, but it also adds some atmosphere here. In fact, walking the meadows felt a bit otherworldly that day.

  1. Oh my, I was right there with you, feeling the chill of mist on my face. Especially with photo #1 — But braver than usual, as getting lost is not my style, and obviously you don’t get REALLY lost when you get lost.

    1. When lost, it often helps to keep going straight ahead until I get to a place that’s familiar. Only one walk in the forest took four hours instead of two… Thanks for the lovely comment, Judith.

    1. And thank you for visiting and commenting here, Jo! (Sorry I did not get around to thanking you sooner.)

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