8 thoughts on “Tuscan Doors”

    1. Thanks! (I edited your comment since I assume you meant me – I hope that’s okay!)

  1. I like it! A few weeks back you had a problem with your link not showing in the theme page. I have the same problem for two weeks now, and see your post in the list. Did you change something or is it ‘just’ working again?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Chris! As for the post’s failure to show in the pingback listings, I did not do anything. Maybe the error occurs when too many people try to link at the same time? It is just a guess but I would not have any better explanation. But then I am not an engineer. Maybe you’ll just have to try again with a new post (that worked with my second post two weeks ago). Good luck!

    2. Well, they asked to use their link in the page, but that did not solve it as well. So I send them all info I have of links etc hoping they find something to fix it. It is annoying indeed. More people have the same problem so maybe they should communicate in another way to the users.

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